What Dental Complications can You Claim For?

What Dental Complications can You Claim For? – Its not pleasant to think about mistakes being made in dentistry. A lot of us are squeamish about having things done to our teeth, and stories about people suffering nightmare operations dont do anything to assuage that. The truth is that errors are blessedly rare, so there isnt that much to worry about. But if you think that theres any chance youve suffered as a result of negligence on the part of a dental professional, you might be able to make a claim again them, or the NHS, depending on whether you had the work done at a private or government funded practice.

Theres a full spectrum of things that count as negligence, and some are more obvious that others. A dentist can be culpable simply for not doing enough to help you. If there is a missed diagnosis, where they dont pick out a problem youre having and it gets worse, this counts as negligence. Along a similar vane, there might be a case for a claim if theres a misdiagnosis and youre given unnecessary treatment, or even treatment that makes things worse.

There are a whole range of more direct examples. Careless work is a term applied to anything where youve been injured by the work of a dentist, usually involving cutting instruments slipping. Inadequate treatment is a more specific term that misdiagnosis, and relates to problems being underestimated or ignored at the expense of the patients health and well being.

Unfortunately there are sometimes instances of more serious mistakes being made in dentistry. Drug usage errors are one of these. If you have an allergy thats mentioned in your medical notes, but fails to be taken into consideration by the dental professional, you have a right to claim. Errors in particular metals for fillings or braces can have similar harsh effects. Finally there are some very rare instances of people swallowing dentistry equipment due to the negligence of the professional.

If youre unlucky enough to be involved in any of these examples of negligence, then you probably have a case to make a claim. The subsequent ruling of the court, or an out of court settlement, will decide whether you get compensation or not.

Find out if youre eligible to make dental negligence claims. You could receive a substantial amount in compensation.


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